Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Canhead Thought.

I was working yesterday. Helping an elderly couple get into their vehicle. We were making small talk, asking questions. One of the questions asked of me by the elderly man was "How old are you son?"
In which I replied. "I just turned 26 sir."

"Aw! 26!" The man's wife boomed. "At the prime of his life!"

Hmm... Interesting statement, I thought. I'm at the prime of my life?

I've been thinking a lot about life lately. Age. Growing older. Looking back at different stages of my life. When you think about it, you really live several lives inside one.
At least, that's how I see it.

I lived a life as a content, happy, baby in Charleston, SC with both my parents still under the same roof.
I lived a life as a confused, angry, teenager in Athens, Ga. Just wanting out.
I lived a life as a confident, loved and accepted young man in Atlanta, Ga.  I was me and I was with him.
I lived a life as an independent, part time drifter, in Austin, Tx. Seeking to make something happen in my life and in my dreams.
I'm living a life as a humpty dumpty character once again in Athens, Ga. Strong yet fragile. Vulnerable yet not dumb. Hanging onto love. Hanging onto my dreams. Still trying to put one foot in front of the other in gratitude of the now and in faith that tomorrow will bring another God given blessing and that one of those blessings is that my feet carry me closer to God himself.

So yea... To me, life, consist of a few in one.

Life. Growing older. Aging.

I think to myself. "I feel young. Like I'm still 18." Mentally, I am young.
People I have spoken with, friends, coworkers, even my father. They say the same thing.
"I feel young. My age reflects nothing... except perhaps a few wrinkles."

So I've come up with a conclusion.
Being young is really just a state of mind.
Are we ever really grown ups? Do we ever truly grow up or do we just... age?

So why can't every age of our lives... be the prime of our life?
You can be 20 or you can be 50 and you can still be young. It's a state of being. A state of mind.
There is nothing we can do about aging. That is nature. God's process.
However, our minds can remain young, if we want them too. We can remain to view the world, life, through young, optimistic, imaginative, adventurous eyes. We are still alive. LIVE!
We don't have to get to a certain age and just give up.
Let our youth, our dreams, our imagination, fade into the wood work.
If you feel it. Be it.
Age is physical. Youth is mental.

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  1. Jimmy you are right on track here! People are eternal beings and individual expressions of God. This little life is a just one tiny expression of our eternal, ever youthful, continuous state of being...well said!!