Friday, June 28, 2013

Swimming Against The Tide.


Western roads before me?
East of the past behind me?
A U-turn or another chance to take?
To embrace the void within my soul or shoot myself down by another, repetitive, self indulged, mistake?
How do you trade in a heart break for a clean slate?
How can fingers cause comfort as well as chaos?
Good intentions only result in bad memories.
No more God... Please... No more.
What must I do?
I know a part of me needs to change. A part of me still needs to be found.
Expectations linger in both of my worlds.
Can I have both worlds become the earth?
Where I can breathe. Feel nothing but warmth and contentment.
Where I can stand at the ocean's edge.
Peer at my reflection and be happy with the person I meet.
God, please, don't let that person just disappear with the tide of life.
The person, the better person, I can be.
For me and for him.

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