Monday, August 19, 2013

To Be Connected.

So I attended church yesterday.
Am extremely grateful that there is a place to go in my hometown, where I can be myself and gain a word of inspiration and attempt to know God better. I have felt somewhat distant from him this past year...
I hope to change that. I hope to get involved and belong in a close knit community. I hope to gain some close friends in the process as well. I selfishly need all that in my life right now. Yesterday's service, during communion brought me to tears. A couple (20 years) went up together, prayed with the pastor and afterwards, tenderly kissed each other. It was just simply a beautiful moment to have witnessed. It's great that we have a place to go. Solo or together and be told and believe that God loves us for who we are. That we can feel connected. That's what I am in search of now. To be connected with myself and to be connected with God. In being connected. My life will perceive to connect the dots and my path will be shined and Lord willing every step I take from this day forward. I will be in the right place.

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